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12 Apr 2021   
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Police, Defence Force and Transport Agency contractor spending up by at least 15%
By Phil Pennington for RNZ Private contractors and consultants are doing well out of government spending propelled by the pandemic and big IT projects.Thousands of them were collectively paid more than a billion last year by... 
© 2021 NZ Herald 9:05am 

Prince Philip: More details about New Zealand memorial due today, as tributes continue
More details about a New Zealand memorial service for the late Prince Philip are due to be released this afternoon. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed she would be meeting with Cabinet this afternoon to talk about the service... 
© 2021 NZ Herald 9:05am 

Covid-19: Bloomfield 'would have hoped' latest cases were vaccinated by now
The Director-General of Health says he is awaiting information on the vaccination status of the latest Covid-19 case - a third worker at the Grand Millennium Hotel. 
© 2021 RadioNZ 8:45am 

Polystyrene waste scattered across Wellington coastline
By Karoline Tuckey, of RNZ . Residents are calling on authorities to do more to punish polluters, after polystyrene waste was scattered across more than 7km of Wellington's south coastline, including a marine reserve. Ōwhiro... 
© 2021 NZ Herald 8:35am 

Mitch Evans moves to second in Formula E championship
Kiwi driver produces solid double header in Rome as Jaguar bare their claws. 
© 2021 8:35am 

New Zealand Olympians back in the groove as Tokyo beckons
Micah Wilkinson and Erica Dawson proved near-perfect as their Games preparations ramp up. 
© 2021 8:35am 

Education Ministry reinstates early childhood care investigation team
The Education Ministry is reinstating a special squad to investigate financial fraud and safety breaches in early childhood education services. 
© 2021 RadioNZ 8:25am 

Tropical Cyclone Seroja makes landfall in Western Australia
The destructive core of tropical cyclone Seroja is moving inland north of Geraldton in Western Australia after wind gusts of up to 170km/h were reported during landfall. 
© 2021 RadioNZ 7:45am 

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The Detail: Anti-Asian sentiment in NZ
New Zealand may seem like a safe haven compared to what's happening in the US, but the ugly undertones of racism against Asians exist here too. 
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Covid-19: New MIQ hotel worker infected, Ashley Bloomfield 'would have hoped' latest cases were vaccinated by now
By RNZ Director general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield says he would have hoped the latest MIQ workers to have tested positive for Covid-19 had been vaccinated by now.A third worker at the Grand Millennium managed isolation... 
© 2021 NZ Herald 9:05am 

Māori and Pasifika in tech: How paid internships work
Leroy Pohatu's trade tools are a Macbook, a company phone and a PC toolkit. The 22-year-old field engineer looks after the IT of eight schools in Auckland, including his alma mater Tāmaki College.Kids at school often go up... 
© 2021 NZ Herald 9:05am 

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Roadshows go around Taranaki to update people on Tapuae Roa and Taranaki 2050
Food, farming and energy are among the topics to be discussed at a series of roadshows around the region. 
© 2021 8:35am 

Covid-19: Only 79 per cent of First Security employees vaccinated 'not good enough' - PM
The Prime Minister says it's not good enough only 79 per cent of First Security employees have been vaccinated. 
© 2021 8:35am 

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What Philip and Charles' final conversations revealed about their father-son relationship
The father-son relationship between Prince Philip and his first-born, Prince Charles, has faced a lifetime of strain, but following Philip's death, a source has revealed the pair recently found "much common ground".After becoming... 
© 2021 NZ Herald 8:35am 

Super Rugby: Working overtime
Opinion - Turns out maybe this year's Crusaders aren't quite the unstoppable force we all thought they were, writes Jamie Wall 
© 2021 RadioNZ 7:45am 

Covid-19 vaccine rollout: We’re making it up on the fly
OPINION: NZ's entire coronavirus vaccine rollout appears to be based on a chart that the Covid-19 Response Minister now says "is intended to be illustrative and approximate". 
© 2021 7:45am 

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